Apart from performing consulting activities for sporting projects, Crossbow Sport also develops its own initiatives in sport. Here some of the projects in which Crossbow Sport is currently involved.

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Cadi. App for Golfers to engage with their PGA Professional, coach, pro shop, clubhouse, members and favourite brands. Launch UK - Oct '21, Europe, USA & Asia - Jan '22.


World class App & platform developed by PGA Pros and and a team of experts in; golf, tech, finance and all keen players. Cadi is loaded with features and functionality in the palm of your hand. 

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GolferFinder.com the online platform that helps golfers connect with new players. Expand your network and meet new people through golf, by searching according to affinities, age, location, profession, hobbies or handicap.


Golf allows new friendships to be built during an 18 hole round. Meet new players, enjoy our content and be part of GolferFinder.com.


The online platform that connects golfers.

With the support of the Spanish and Portuguese PGA.

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The first U.S. Open was played on October 4, 1895, on a nine-hole course at the Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island. It was a 36-hole competition and was played in a single day. Ten professionals and one amateur entered. The PGA Championship started in 1916 as a Match Play event till 1957.

The world has changed real fast in the last 10 years, and it is precisely the speed of things and the rhythm of our lives that has been affected the most. There are professional sporting events, such as golf tournaments, that need 4 days to come up with a winner. These formats are doomed to adapt to today's pace of life. 


Golf & Go Xtreme Match Play has arrived to offer a professional golf tournament with an innovative and creative format, never played before, that offers golf spectators fast and exciting matches that lasts one day with a final winner.


Different, fast, exciting, strategic, disruptive, attractive, daring, challenging, competitive, innovative and creative are some of the adjectives that describe this new format that soon will be presented.

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Ivan Ballesteros Golf Learning Centre its a new concept of online golf coaching. 15 minutes golf lessons at a very affordable price that will provide the golf student the enough information to develop a better golf move to enjoy golf rounds more than ever.

75% of the time we spend in a golf lesson we are hitting balls. The remaining 25% is used by our coach to tell us what we should do to improve our game. We provide you with that 25% so you can practice on your own focusing on the tips we give you.